Thursday, December 20, 2012

Featured 'Fit: Home for the Holidays

Young out-of-state transplant, this edition of Featured 'Fit goes out to you! Here we are in the last full business week before holiday vacays kick in. Time needs to chill TFO. You have to get your workload handled, H-A-N-D-L-E-D before you can get away until the new year. Getting out of town might not be a piece of cake either, airports will be packed and this pre-holiday weekend will also be packed full of festivities as well. Your get-out-of-town game plan will need the following: (1.) a bag big enough to pack gifts, cards and your own belongings, (2.) a weather resistant jacket as many states will be facing rain or snow later this week and you will need to keep warm if you're trying to function, (3.) a mature yet casual set of clothes for the gatherings ahead because hey you might be a young adult but you're also a real dude that doesn't want to look like his dad, and finally (4.) a comfortable set of kicks because you will be running around all over trying to get shit done! My suggestion get your stuff packed in a Washburn Bag, make sure to pack a Prescott button-up and a set of V56 Standard/AV Covina Pants for those Saturday night parties and throw on a Vance jacket because it's going to be hella cold man, can't get sick on vacation! Put on a pair of Alomars and get your ass to the airport. Fun awaits!

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