Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rent Money & Rifles: Catchin' Up with Bambu

The release of One Rifle Per Family is a milestone for Bambu; the LA activist/emcee's fifth solo album marks the 10 year anniversary of his first one but it also serves as his last one too. However, this is not the last we will see of Bam. Currently headlining the Rent Money Tour, we caught up with Bambu before his New York show to chit chat about life on the road, the new album and his future. Check it all out after the jump.

Hey Bambu, last time we talked to you, you stated that One Rifle Per Family would be your last solo album. Is that still true? Will One Rifle be your curtain call? Not necessarily a curtain call... more like the closing of a door to explore another one. I really do feel the industry is moving away from the traditional album and I want to hug that curve by keeping up with where I feel it's going. I'm still going to put music out and I'm still going to do shows. Nothing will really change except that I won't be doing full-length albums anymore. I will make my music as accessible as the internet has made ALL music. Does that make sense?

How long did you work on this album? Well, I've been telling people for the past two years that I've been working on this album -- which is a lie. Haha. I've only been working on this album for about 6 months. I was using the excuse to get out of committing to any new projects or features to just clear my head in preparation for the album's creation. So, yeah, six months.
One Rifle Per Family. available now on iTunes & Beatrock

You're currently headlining the Rent Money Tour, with stops everywhere from LA to the PI. How's life on the road? It's fun to be on the road with the guys on this tour; Kixxie Siete and Rey Resurreccion. The hardest part is missing my family. I mean, my set starts with a phone call from my son. Ha. So, I think everyone on the tour knows how difficult that part is for me... the weed and beer helps cope though. Ha. 

Which stop has brought the most energy so far? Ooowee. You're trying to get me in trouble... well, the Philippines was pretty crazy. Surprisingly, Bremerton, San Jose and Sacramento were our killers! Those smaller markets are great!
Which stop are you most looking forward to? LOS ANGELES!

Which track does the live crowd usually give the most feedback to? "Rent Money", the single off the new album. From the moment the beat drops to the hook... fun song to do live off this new album.

The Rent Money Tour wraps up on 11/18 back in your hometown. What do you miss most about Smog City LA when you're away? The familiarity. I'm a pretty paranoid dude -- PTSD I guess. Haha. So, being unfamiliar with a city is always difficult for me. I know LA better than I know the back of my hand.

What can we expect next from Bambu De Pistola? Hopefully DJ Muggs and I can push this VS. album out soon. Other than that, The Bar (a group with Blue Scholars' Geologic) is finishing up some new music for early 2013. I'm going to drop a lot of off the wall music in 2013, so stay tuned! 
The Bar: Bambu & Geo

You've always been a master of words with your rhymes and you advocate reading quite often, so can we get a Bambu book sometime soon? That would be a different venture. I'm down. I enjoy reading well written books, so I'd be super critical about what I put out as far as a book. Might take a few years. Read books! BANG BANG! 

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