Monday, November 26, 2012

Featured 'Fit: Wools & Wheelin'

It's actually getting cold. As a lifelong Southern California resident, I always forget what it feels like to experience temperatures below 75 degrees since it's warm out the majority of the time. Yeah we're spoiled. We actually got a few days of rain so far and it's only November, I actually had to wear a jacket during the day. But you know what's always a good weapon against the elements? Wool. Today we're spotlighting the Lawton jacket and reissued Alomar which are made of this miracle textile fiber. I'm going to keep it So Cal for you though and throw in the Wheelin' tee. Add 'em all together and it makes a pretty dope 'fit. You can find all items at the Vans web shop or at your local OTW account.
The pairing of Wheelin' tee and Lawton jacket is inspired by Southern California winter. The mornings can be chilly and its easy to stack on top of a light tee for when it warms up after the AM.
But sometimes that AM chill lasts the whole day and you gotta button up. Done. Easy snap buttons, a corduroy collar and wool clad exteriors make the Lawton a good choice this winter. 
The all-wool Alomar was a winner when it first came out two years ago and now it's back this holiday season. Great materials and tones mesh well with the Lawton.

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