Friday, October 12, 2012

Via SNAV: New Kids on the Block

There is always new talent on the rise. We had some cool kids come by the Compound to work on some new music. Let me introduce you to Chill Moody, Dilemma ands Millyz. Chill is from Philadelphia, Millyz is from Boston and Dilemma is from New Jersey.
The night started with Dilemma working on the beat. He just pulled the laptop out and started going in on the track. While Dilemma was working Chill, Moody was working on some rhymes. The beats were banging out of the speakers and Chill was ready to bang with a bat. After a while he got his lyrics together, jumped in the booth and laid down his verse.

The music came together that night in a great way. Taking three artist that never met before and putting them in a room and seeing a chemistry develop is fun in itself. Make sure you check out what all three of these artist are up to. They are making some cool moves in the music industry. @millyz @Chillmoody @helloworldmusic

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