Monday, October 1, 2012

Via SNAV: Lupe Fiasco's Outstanding Fan Awards

I received a very special invite to attend an intimate evening with Lupe Fiasco for his debut of Food & Liquor II. The event was top secret and invite only.  There was a great energy in the air.  The stage was set and the patrons were ready to hear Lupe’s next work of art. 
The space was laid out beautifully with Lupe’s album artwork.  The pattern of the American flag turned vertical along with the bold black & white colors matched perfectly with the theme of Lupe’s album.

It was time for Lupe to come out to greet his fans. Lupe looked over the crowd before he came out. He looked like he was reflecting over everything. The smiles on the fans faces were priceless.
The next phase of the night was Lupe’s Fan Appreciation segment. This is where Lupe gives out awards to his fans. If there were more artists like Lupe in the game the world would be in a better place. Some of the awards were funny. One of them was for the best fan food. This is when Lupe is on the road and someone brings him some food to the show. You always have fans make videos to your music. To see Lupe taking the time to judge his fans work speaks volumes.
It was time to start the show. As Lupe says the show must go on. Soon as Lupe grabbed the mic to start you see a stylish man run on the stage.  He tapped Lupe on the shoulder and the Lupe turned around and was surprised by none other than Pharrell Williams aka Skateboard P. It was a moment that was special for Lupe.
Right after that it was back to the show. Lupe is known for giving a great performance and he has one of the best bands in the industry.  He started the show with the classic song "Day Dreaming" and after that the hits kept on going.  The flashes from the cell phones were definitely in effect. Everybody in the building was having a great time. The music from the new album is definitely a classic. Make sure you pick up Lupe new album when you get a chance. 

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