Friday, September 21, 2012

Via SNAV: The Host with the Most - Esteban Serrano

Growing up I got a chance to watch great hosts like, Fab 5 Freddy, Ed Lover, Doctor Dre and Sway. I have a honor for knowing the new kid on the block. I am watching a great host grow right in font of my eyes. He goes by the name of Esteban Serrano.
Estaban called and wanted to use the Compound to start doing interviews for Fuse. This was a great look both for both of  us.  The Fuse production team was setting everything up for the interview.
Watching Estaban do interviews with people is like seeing two friends talk. He always brings the best out of people in his interviews. I hope that Esteban is coming up with these questions I don’t want to give the credit to some copywriter that sits at a desk with a tie on.
I got a chance to flip the script on Estaban and actually interview him. Check it out the interview below.

How long have you been interviewing?
Off camera for 7 yrs dating back to the Q&A I used to produce for MTV's TRL as a Production Assistant in 2005. On camera not even a year. This November it will be my first full year as "on air talent."

If you had to get interview by anyone who would you like it be?
Oprah and I already know she's gonna make me cry. But I hope I get a car out of the deal! Jk

What is your most favorite interview you've ever done?
 My first A$AP Rocky interview at SXSW. I felt the interview taking a horrible turn for the worst and just started to freestyle and Rocky opened up and I got an amazing interview that went viral really quick! Not only did I put out a fire but turned it into a great convo and gained the respect of a great artist all at the same time. 
Tell us some of the things you like about Vans.
I love Vans as a brand. The footwear is one aspect I love the fabrics and styles and all of that but on the flip side I'm a HUGE fan of the collaborative spirit the brand has. I'm also a videographer and aspiring film Maker and I'm a HUGE fan of the Collabratory Series they produce. Even if I don't know who the designer or artist they are collabing with I watch and I'm invested because Vans built a brand that I associate with MY STYLE. 

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