Friday, August 24, 2012

Via SNAV: Tuff City NYC

I was walking around New York and I happened to see a Bode toy in this store so I had to go in to see if I could by it. I looked at the front of the building and realized that it was a tattoo shop, Tuff City tattoo shop. Last year I met up with Mr. Cartoon in the Bronx at another Tuff City spot.
Tuff City shops epitomize the East Coast. The live it so much that the inside of their store is designed like a New York Subway. I saw everything from subway seats, handles and they even have the doors.
Tuff City has some of the best graphic artists in NY. I got a chance to go to the back of the store where they have a cool backyard set up. There were some great pieces up on the walls.  It seemed liked these pieces would have been on a trains back in the days.
In Tuff City you will find all type of art. This bike was spray painted but it looked cool just to have paint all over it with no design. Tuff City is ab official Montana Paint dealer. Montana is the number one spray paint company.  You can actually make a rainbow with all the paint cans they have in stock.
Well if you’re in New York next time and want a tattoo or you just need to get inspired, stop by Tuff City at 17 Essex.  Shout out to the whole Tuff City crew.

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