Friday, August 3, 2012

Via SNAV: Pride & Joy

I got a call and received a special invite to come down to Brooklyn to witness a video shoot being directed by the greatest hip hop video director of all time. If that wasn’t enough there were four legends that were being shot for the video.  There was a lot of big wheels in the video and there were also a lot of big wheels also outside. When you see the Maybach’s out front you know that its going to be crazy.
When I walked in I saw the man that sent me the invite, Mr. Fat Joe himself.  He was doing a interview with MTV. The video was being shot for Joe's new track, "Pride and Joy". It's really good to see after 15 years, Fat Joe is still making good music. Joe is one of those artist that will always give you a good record, you can bet on that.
While the interview was going DJ Khaled walks in and Joe starts interviewing him. Joe and Khalid are like brothers. Khaled started with Terror Squad first now he is signed to Cash Money Records. Talk about a journey Seeing them is like watching to friends in high school.
The legend Hype Williams was the vision behind the video.  When you talk about the best of the best Hype is number one. He has shot everybody in the game.
The top five dead or alive was in the house. In case you don’t know what that means im talking about Mr. Jadakiss. Jadakiss is one of my favorite MCs of all time. MTV was getting some great interviews.  Hype gave Jada a solo shot with a dim lighting. 
Joe needed a smooth voice on the song so he called on Miguel to bless the track. Miguel gave the song a totally different feel.
The video was almost a rap and Joe and his partner Macho was talking about what a great day it was. To have Fat Joe, Kayne, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Rasco Dash and Miguel all come through to support was incredible. There were a few more people that came through but I can’t tell you everything though. Peace!

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