Monday, July 9, 2012

Via SNAV: Who's on Deck?

I caught up with a cool bunch of kids doing a photo shoot in the Bronx NYC. They were under a bridge in a skate cipher. It was cool to see kids in the inner city rocking out and doing tricks.
They were rocking OTWs . I usually see kids rocking their OTW on the cool out, these kids were getting busy in there pairs.

After a long shoot in 90 degree weather the squad went over to chill out and kick it. While they was cooling out feeling the breeze we heard a jet ski. We were like jet skiing in the Bronx?! Talk about classic.
Well shouts out to Juan, Justin, Nick, Jeremy, Zach and the whole L2BF skate team. Ill make sure I post the pictures from the photo shoot when the let me check them out.

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