Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Via SNAV: PSK Event

I got a chance to get back to Philadelphia to check out 4 Philly legends on the 1 n 2’s. Its very Rare that you can catch this much talent on one stage. The night started of with the crowd hype to see the Fresh Prince of Bel Air's right hand man.
I'm talking about the legendary DJ, Philly's own Jazzy Jeff. After all these years Jeff still make you go how did he do that. The way he rocks a crowd is just jaw dropping.

Mad Skills was the MC for Jeff’s routine. Its always great to see them get the party going with call and response chants. Up next on the tables was Questlove. We see him more on the drums on the Jimmy Fallon show than the turntables. It's always cool to hear what Quest is digging in his serato crates to play.
Quest digs deep into his musical library you might hear Rick Ross mixed with James Brown and then Sting after that. I tell you him and his MC Yameen All World really take you on a roller coaster ride of music.
The party felt like it was not going to slow down at all. I looked at the stage and saw some one bent down getting their computer together.

It was J Rocc from the world famous Beat Junkies. He must of slipped in the back door lol. I thought the event was going to be all Philly DJs. This guy can rock a party 4 real. He had a Bootsy Colin mix that sound like Dr. Dre made the beat. Rich Medina was also in the building. He was playing the best of Fela.
To close the night was Mr Gansta Grillz. If you don’t know who that is he goes by the name of DJ Drama. A lot of people think that Drama is from ATL. The truth is that he is from Philly but went to school in Atlanta and never went back. When the crowd saw him start his performance with that Gansta Grillz sound bit they went crazy. Then he went a rampage of down south crunk music. I swore we were in the dirty dirty.
It was a great night. I think I heard of 500 records played. I can’t wait to this event next year.

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