Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Via SNAV: Chi-Town's Mikkey Halsted

Chi Town’s Next Chicago is on fire right now in the music industry. On top you have Kanye West and then there is a lot of buzz around the new kid on the block Keff Chief. Well I'm here to let you know there is another Chi-Town great emerging. He goes by the name of Mikkey Halsted. I caught up with Mikkey not too long ago to listen to some of his new music. Behind this door there was a heated battle going on in 2k12. Don Cannon was in the building. I know he is a super producer on the beats but I didn’t realize he was into video games. He was 4 and 1 for the day.
It was time to get back to the business. Cannon went back to get the music ready but first he had to design one of his new Don Cannon branded t-shirts. I tell you a he’s a jack of all trades.

The man behind the boards was ready to start banging out the beats. This guy has so many tools to making beats. There was at least 5 hard drives full of sounds and tracks. One of these bad boys is the key to some artist's future.
Mikkey came in the studio and it was time to go through the music. Cannon was giving Mikkey some good advice about the his next project
After hearing more music I  interviewed Mikkey:
How and when did you start rapping? 
I have been free styling since I was super young, like 3rd grade. My older cousin Tone was one was in a rap group and watching him inspired me.

How did you meet No ID? 
I was working with Kanye as a youngin' and he played my music for No ID. Kanye told me No ID wanted to manage me and work with me and put us on the phone. The rest is history.
How did you start working with Don Cannon?
He was friends with No ID and my manager Coach K. I was always a fan of his work. Jeezy's "Dope Boys Go Crazy" is one of my favorite records. We met in ATL and just clicked.

It's like you have Lebron & Wade on the same team but in music world how does that feel?
It feels amazing and humbling to have people of that stature and accomplishment on my team. It's even more humbling to know that they truly believe in my ability. That belief is evident in their actions, not just words.

What's the name of your next project and what is it about and when can we expect to hear it?
The project is called CASTRO. It's really like my manifesto. It's a tale of survival against the odds. It embodies who I am as an artist. It goes against the grain. It's revolutionary in the sense that I belief it can make a major impact and help bring the game back to lyrics and dope ass, high level production.

If you could record anywhere in the world where would it be and why? 
Kanye and No ID have told me about the great vibe in Hawaii. I'd love to record there.

Shouts out to @mikkeyhalsted and @Doncannon

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