Friday, June 8, 2012

Via SNAV: 5th Annual Roots Picnic

Bigger than a picnic, it was that time again. Every year around this time the Roots throw a picnic. Its not just a regular picnic with a basket and some card games, it’s a full out concert and festival. The day was filling up very fast. The backstage area was a who’s who of the music industry. The Roots gave out free soul food to everybody that was backstage. Im talking about good food like catfish and greens. They know how to do it big, real big.

Its was show time and as usual the roots do a great show. You can never get tired of seeing the Greatful Dead of hip-hop. Just think they perform every night on Jimmy Fallon and then fly out every weekend to do 2 more shows. Talk about a grind.
The main reason I went to the show was to see the legendary group, De La Soul. This group has been doing music for 20 years. They are still one of my favorites group still to this day. It was a great night for a show. The crowd was very hype for the performance.
De La is always having a good time when they are performing. They had a special guest come out on their set. In the shadows behind the turntables was Yasiin Bey. They brought him out to do the song Big Brother beat then Yasiin aka Mos performed his classic Umi Says.
You couldn’t ask for a better show and to see Diplo rock the crowd the way he did was just amazing. When the curtains closed at the end of the night all I could say was what a great show.

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