Monday, May 21, 2012

Via SNAV: Curtains Not Closed

I got a chance to bring Curtains to the compound to work on a new project. Curtains is every rapper’s favorite rapper. It was great to see Curtains going back in on the mic. Curtains was getting ready to rhyme on a track produced by Raak that was very upbeat and energetic.

Colin Fresh was on the Pro Tools getting the levels ready for Curtains’ session. It’s so amazing that you don’t need a big studio anymore to bang out music.
It was time for the rhyme. Curtains has a powerful and commanding voice. Watching him reminds me of watching the legends from Brooklyn when they were young. 
Back in the day it took so much time to record and mix a song. With the new technology you can record a song and get a great ruff mix in a few hours. The song that Curtains recorded came out great once they went to work on it.
Well stay tuned for Curtains an upcoming project. It’s definitely going to close the curtain on the rap game. Since everything was shot in black and white I had to lace curtains with some black Alomars.

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