Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo Recap: Ruslan Karablin aka SSUR - The Evil That Men Do

Ruslan Karablin's aka SSUR solo exhibition "The Evil That Men Do" opened this weekend at Known Gallery. This is the first major comprehensive presentation of the Russian born New York artist's works in Los Angeles. As the title suggest, the themes of the exhibition focus on human induced violence and struggles endured by the people in armed conflicts around the world. On the flip side Russ takes a look at glorified violence in pop culture portrayed in his works such as Hollywood's anti heroes Travis Bickle , Bill Foster and renditions of early 90's gangsta rap album covers. For the fans of SSUR clothing label the show also featured a great archive of the oh so famous long gone t-shirt graphics done by the brand over the years as art pieces. The show runs until April 21st.

Stash and Russ

Elliot and Trevelen

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