Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photo Recap: James Georgopoulos "Second Amendment"

James Georgopoulos latest solo art show appropriately named "Second Amendment" opened last week at Guy Hepner gallery. James Georgopoulos has worked with Oliver Stone and Zack Snyder among others before crossing over to fine arts. Naturally his background allowed him to create a body of work that has a unique three dimensional appeal bridging the gap between photography, art and film. His ongoing series "Guns of Cinema" are the photographs of guns that are the actual weaponry featured in cinema such as "Pulp Fiction", "XXX", The Sopranos, "Book of Eli", "The Getaway", "Salt" and many more. The artworks are quite impressive in person measuring seven by four foot, high-gloss, large scale silver gelatin prints with a multi-layered field of acrylic paint on the original photographs. The show is open until May 5th.

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