Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vans OffTheWall.TV: Pass The Bucket | Devon Blood

Last September, we featured Devon Blood's "Keep Laughing" book as a part of the "Cop This Book" column we do from time to time. The book recounts Blood's triumph over adversity as he recovered from a nearly-fatal gunshot wound to the head. A Bay Area tattooer, artist, and skateboarder, his livelihood depended on the motion and steadiness of his body and hands. As a result of his wound Blood lost precise muscle control of his right side and would never be able to ride a bike or skateboard ever again, but he was determined to maintain his art. Overcoming doubts of his doctors and therapists while surprising and inspiring everyone around him, he trained himself to use his left hand how he once used his right. He now paints, draws, and tattoos left-handed. The OffTheWall.TV crew caught up with the artist our Pass The Bucket series. Get inspired and watch his episode above.

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