Thursday, March 22, 2012

Via SNAV: Twitchin' with Revolve & Novation

I got a chance to go to Dee & Ricky’s restaurant for an event thrown by Revolve and Novation. The event was for a new piece of equipment called the Twitch. The Twitch is the future of DJing. This machine does it all. It’s like turntables, CDJs, EFX and mixer all in one.
It was cool to see people out having fun and learning about equipment at the same time. Novation was on the scene teaching people how to use the twitch. It was funny watching people that only spin on turntables try to learn how to use the twitch.
A few of NYC’s top DJs came through to give the Twitch a try. Hot 97’s DJ Enuff came through and had a blast with the new gadget. Neil Armstrong was in the building also.
Operator Emz was on the As & Bs instead of the 1s & 2s . Technology has definitely changed.
Novation made a special Dee & Ricky Twitch. Talk about a gift. Make sure you’re on the lookout for the Twitch rocking a party near you soon.

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