Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Style Blogger Spotlight on the Vans OTW Larkin

"Confident, clean, put-together, 'successful' and not too 'uptight'" - how does one pull that off? The Style Blogger recently addressed that question as he discussed men's fashion with a group of women and put together a few looks that channel sophistication while keeping it casual. His "Day to Night" look paired dress slacks and a suit jacket with a plain black t-shirt and matching Larkins from the Vans OTW Collection.
His explanation of the look: Here’s an example of a well-edited wardrobe making your life easier (aside from positively impacting all of your first impressions). Sometimes you don’t have time to run home after your suit-and-tie job before heading out for the night. If you wear the right suit (and it fits properly, of course) all you have to do is sneak a pair of sleek lowtop sneakers and a dark t-shirt into your business bag.
Or you could just stash them in your desk, next to your neutral shirt, dark solid tie and bottle of whiskey.

Definitely the perfect combination of class and casual. Check out the rest of the article on The Style Blogger.

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