Friday, February 3, 2012

Via SNAV: A Trip Abroad Pt. II

While in Berlin I got invited to a private dinner. My first thought is what am I going to eat at this dinner. Lol It was a beautiful night in Berlin. The Berlin Skyline reminds me of New York.

The dinner was at the Soho Haus Berlin. This made me feel more comfortable. I knew we was going to be getting a grade A dinner lol.
I made my way off the elevator and saw the sign on the door that said private. That is when I realized I am going into something special.
When I walked in I saw the candles and it seemed like I got invited to a dinner with all the knights of the round table. The set up was beautiful. We were in this building that seemed like it was built in the 1800,’s. Dinner was incredible talk about a Thanksgiving feast lol.
The dinner was for all the new OTW members. This was a meeting of the minds some of the conversations that was going on was straight genius. This was a room full of creativity. Eric Elms and Dimitri Coste was having a great conversation about art x bikes. I was like a fly on the wall trying to hear everything.
Then across the room I saw Chris Kong talking about his new project with Ron English but you didn’t hear that from me.
In the back of the room I saw 2 people who look like they was having a very deep conversation about something. I made my way closer. It was Yasiin Bey and Lupe. The energy in this part of the room was very serious.
This was one of the best dinners I ever got invited to. I got a chance to catch all of the OTW advocates in one shot at the end of the night. This was definitely an OFF THE WALL experience

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