Friday, February 24, 2012

Via SNAV: Last Night a DJ Played 45s

The other night I went To NYC's LPR club to hear the classics. Going to clubs in New York, you don’t get to hear the classics that much. To see DJs still use 45s is a real treat. The slip pad was even legendary. To see anything from Cold Chillin in 2012 is like WOW.
Up first was DJ Acronym. He was playing a bunch of 45 classics. I was shocked that they still sound good. No crackling on the records sounds just as clear as MP3 files.
Up next on the 1s and 2s was one of the kings of the 45s. This was part of his collection for the night.
Rich Medina is one of the few people that uses 45s and Serato in the same party, it’s classic to see him go back and forth from wax to CPU.
The legend himself even showed up to show rich some love and support. The one and only DJ Bobitto Garcia AKA Kool Bob Love. I had so much fun listening to great music. Good music makes everything seem alright. Peace Out...

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