Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Day at NAMM

I recently went to NAMM, a convention of all music production equipment. There is everything there from drums, drum machines and maybe 1000 drummers walking around. The first booth I went to check out was Focusrite/Novation.
Novation makes keyboards and DJ equipment. I saw a few people crowd around this desk and had to go check it out.
I went over there and I was in shock. I saw a new device for the future. Behold the twitch. This machine was crazy. It had triggers instead of decks with a built in mixer. The machine connects to a computer and comes with its own software. This machine is the real deal.
I took a walk down to one of the next booths and I saw a crowd of people. It was like a concert was going on. The crowd was around the Rane booth. Rane makes also makes DJ equipment. They have the best mixers in the game.
I found out what the crowd was about. The world famous Beat Junkies was doing a show. DJ Babu was starting the show off letting everybody know it was about that time.
J Rocc was on the tables first. Talk about showing skills. Up Second on the tables was Mr. Choc he was breaking down one of the old school classics
The Beat Junkies has one of the best three man DJ shows. This is something you don’t see that much anymore. I had a hard enough time spinning by myself and to see three people do it is amazing.
It was a great event and to see the Beat Junkies live in action was a treat.

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