Monday, January 2, 2012

Via SNAV: A Day with Jasmine Solano

I got invited to hang out with Jasmine Solano for the day and she invited to come chill out with her while she was DJing at a holiday event for a women’s clothing line. It was a cool small little space in Soho. Who wouldn’t want to go see beautiful women shop and party?
Jasmine is a huge fan or Reggae music. She was playing all the classics, it was great to hear some of these tunes you just don’t hear any more.
After Jasmine finished her set, I got a chance to interview her and find out what she was up to and a few more things about her.
When did you start DJing?
I started DJing on the radio when I was 17. Bought my first pair of Technics shortly after at age 18. Rapping actually came before DJing. When I was a teenager I would perform spoken word at open mics, have jam sessions with my drummer and beat boxing friends. I also started writing and free styling at a very young age. 
What do you like more: DJing or rapping?
I couldn't choose between DJing and rapping. In fact I do both at the same time. I merge both my worlds because each is equally as important.
People don’t know you are a Vans head. Tell us what you know about Vans.
I really like Vans because they are a staple amongst my skater friends. I'm immersed in skate culture everyday and everyone wears Vans. I've gotten to see so many designs over the years and I'm a fan. The simplicity of the shoe is what I really love. 
We know you are working on a lot of things but tell us what we can expect from you in the near future?
My EP is the next big thing to expect.  Also, if you haven't already - you can always catch me touring, DJing or rapping (all over the world) - that's constant for me. Best way to keep up with all upcoming news is my Twitter (@JasmineSolano).
Shout out to Jasmine and her crew for the interview and a great day.


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