Monday, January 9, 2012

Via SNAV: Black Star at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I had a chance to go to the Jimmy Fallon show. I think it’s so crazy going to a live taping in the middle of the day for a show that airs at midnight…
I went with one of the legendary groups of hip-hop. It’s like having Batman and Superman on the same side. You know there’s serious MC-ing going on when two lyricists have their own mics in different colors.
I made my way to there dressing room. It’s funny how before you use to see a card with the talent name outside the door but now everything is digital, they just put up a graphic.
I got to kick it for a while with the super duo, and then we went to the room where all the magic happens before they hit the stage. This is where all the music gets performed before The Roots go on live.
Yasiin and Talib were going over music while The Legendary Roots crew was going over the track. I felt like a fly on the wall watching the magic unfold. It was time for MCs super heroes to hit the stage. They performed one of the new songs off of their project named “Little Brother“. It’s always great to see real MCs do a show.
Shout out to Lloyd Bishop for giving me this last photo of Black Star in action at the Jimmy Fallon Show.

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