Friday, January 27, 2012

Via SNAV: Back to the Bowl

Word on the street that night was there was a special surprise DJ at the bowl so I had made my way back to the spot to see who it was. I waked in and of course Soul Train was up on the screen and the dance floor was packed.
I was waiting to get my lane and I noticed this party of people having the time of their lives. Their section looked mad fun. The thing that took me by surprise was this sandwich it was at least 4 feet long and it had so many toppings it was scary. It looked like it could feed 20 people.
So I made my way over to the host for the night. It was the legendary All World Yameen, he was sounding like a cool game show host lol. I was making my way across the room and saw the back of the laptop and I saw an Afro but the DJ had braids. Lol I was totally caught of guard. It was ?uestlove from The Roots. This guy is a musical library, all night he played songs that you just don’t hear anywhere.
The mixes were great and as always Brooklyn Bowl is a good time. Well it was time for me to get on the magic carpet and make my way out. Next Thursday its going to be a surprise performance so make sure you get over there.

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