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Dimitri Coste for Fricote's "Soul Kitchen"

Fricote Magazine celebrated their one year anniversary in their fifth issue which hit newsstands last month. In their latest quarterly, Fricote profiled leading German beer company Warsteiner and also spotlighted Vans OTW Advocate Dimitri Coste for his love of the waffle (sole) in their "Soul Kitchen" column.
DC's spread made for quite the interesting read, as he showed off some of his most valued memorabilia including his waffle sole mural and Evel Knievel lunchbox. Keep an eye out for OTW cameos as the Dimitri Larkin Decon, Alomar and artwork from his fellow Advocates show up in this editorial. Check out "Soul Kitchen: Dimitri Coste" after the jump!
Words via Fricote:
Bio: Dimitri is a Vans addict since he was a kid. Thanks to his dad’s job as editor-in-chief of publications such as moto-verte and later bicross magazine - he had his first pair as soon as he entered 1st grade. US action sports - BMX, MX, skate - with their fun factor and aesthetic will mark him forever. Having become a photographer / director for fashion series, portrays, album art, videos, and commercials, his biggest passion still remains shooting his favorite pairs of Vans. In 2006, for the 40th anniversary of the brand, he finds himself in the book «Stories of Sole» credited as «the world’s number 1 vans collector»: he is granted 20 pages to showcase his best pairs among the 300+ pairs he owns. In 2011, he becomes one of the «Vans OTW Advocate,» an ambassador of the new line for which he has been invited to create his own model. It will be a Larkin (the one he’s biting in the pic), thought and assembled, from coloring and cutting, on the large table of his soul kitchen. Next model scheduled for June 2012.
Feats of arms: As part of its OSFA (One Size Fits All) project, consisting in competing with the same original motorcycle - a 1967 Triumph TR6C – in all the mythical US races of the 50’s and 60’s, Dimitri has won in 2010 the Catalina Grand Prix; a major race on the west coast that had not been held since 58. This year, he finished, which is far from easy, Pikes Peak, a hill climb race in Colorado, arriving at 4500m high, without room for error: no barriers but very ugly gullies along the 22 km climb. Next step: the «self action picture», or how to combine «professional photography and amateur racing», shooting himself in action, you know.
Evel Knievel Lunchbox: Evel Knievel is Dimitri’s hero: «The last of the gladiators, the greatest death dodger, the Elvis of motor sports, the American icon of stunts, the biggest show on Earth, the “I don’t care, I’m going”, the “I’m falling but I get back up anyway” guy». Dim has brought back this 72 Lunchbox from one of his many trips in the US. He admitted having already used it, probably to carry a croque-monsieur ( his ultimate favorite), a jar of Nutella, and waffles, as in American waffles. For the record, the waffle sole of his OTW model is a patriotic tribute: one sole in blue, the other red, on white shoes.
Big Boy Clock: Dimitri confessed not being a fine gourmet, “but for everything sandwich related, he is never kidding! Big boy, historically, when you’re truly passionate about burger is super important: they’re the first to have made double deckers, double cheeseburgers. Big Boy is the story of a kid who was a little chubby, always in overalls, who was working in a diner in a suburb of LA. One day he asked the boss to put him in double ration in his burger: the double cheese was born, the logo and the name inspired by the kid too.” Dim found this giant Big Boy clock for $ 15 at a swap meet in Long Beach, a flea market where he also dug up several pairs of his collection of Vans made in the United States.
Vans Waffle Sole Canvas by Nathaniel Irthum AKA L'Amiral: This painting is the work of l’amiral «poet, multi-talented artist and companion of many road trips». Nine layers of Rolls-Royce varnish have been required to achieve the desired visual effect, and especially the practical aspect of it that his buddy didn’t forget as he
knows the family well: Dimitri has two kids. «The kids can put their dirty fingers on it, throw their desserts at it, you just need to sponge it up. It is a work of art,
but off-road. « Regarding waffles, Dimitri’s dream is to own the waffle machine with which Steve Van Doren (the son of the founder of Vans) delights everyone during
the brand events: «It would be great for the BBQs that I throw regularly in the garden of CherryPalace «(the nickname of his house).

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