Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Xmas Sneaker Shopping Advice By Sneakertube TV's Premium Pete

Truth be told, Xmas shopping isn't an easy task. Sneaker connoisseur/Sneakertube TV Founder Premium Pete makes things a little easier. He breaks down holiday shopping into five easy points! 
Prepare yourself: Preferably do your Xmas Sneaker Shopping early but that's never the case due to so many great releases during the Holiday's so make a list, no not for Santa but a list of kicks you want to purchase. Map out and prepare for your Xmas Sneaker Shopping check them off as you go.

Cash or card when in doubt: If you're not sure the person your buying Sneakers for is going to like what you're buying them then don't buy them a pair of sneakers, give him/her money or a gift card to go and purchase themselves. For some strange reason it's not that all sneaker lovers are unappreciative but when we are surprised with a pair of kicks and we don't like them, it's hard to lie and say we do.

Be ready to hunt: When looking for a pair of kicks for Xmas cover all angles call all boutiques (that's right support your local sneaker shops!!) and see if they have what your looking for & your size but if it's not available then check online AKA The INTERNETS!! See it takes work to find and purchase a pair of kicks especially if they're hyped up it's like working overtime. In life and even in Xmas sneaker shopping you get out what you put in so you do; no preparing or no legwork will get you no kicks.

Take care of yourself: What would be GREAT Xmas sneaker shopping advice without telling you this - you can't complete a Xmas shopping list without buying yourself something!! That's right YOU!! I personally feel the only way to deal with the depression of spending all your money on others is to get yourself something like a FRESH pair of kicks trust me you will thank me later.

Keep it fresh and classy: This may be the most important piece of Xmas sneaker shopping advice I give y'all.  Holidays are perfect times to complete a FRESH outfit and obviously that starts from head to toe so go on a hunt and find all the pieces. Mainly be smart, be safe and enjoy the holidays with friends and family because we all know sneakers are GREAT but never forget it's the people you love, know and meet in them sneakers that are GREATER!! Stay FRESH but stay classy for the holidays - for example: button up, Levi's 501s and a pair of Vans OTW Alomars and you're set.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the TRUTH......In Premium Pete we TRUST!!


December 14, 2011 at 9:58 PM  

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