Friday, December 16, 2011

Via SNAV: This is DJ Premier

I had a chance to catch up with one of my favorite producers of all time. When you think about a guy that has put his stamp on the music game this man definitely has his spot. I ventured up to Headqcourterz Studios in NYC to catch up with DJ Premier.
I got there kind of early and I was waiting in the lobby. Every time I come up here I just look at the plaques and think wow this guy has produced a lot of music and hits.
There aren't many plaques I haven’t seen. This is one of the best I have ever seen and of course Jay-Z is one of the greatest of all time. 16 million records sold, talk about making some change. Working on some of Jay-Z's greatest albums definitely makes you a legend.
I went over to the studio and Premier and I got a chance to talk about the politics of the music industry. It’s always great to here stories from a legend's point of view. We were talking about how the new generation is a microwave, which means everything gets done fast. Premier said it has its ups and down but that’s the way it is.
We started talking about music and how Premo still uses his MPC 60 II that he used back in the day to create all of the Gang Starr music. "You still use that machine?" I asked. “ Yes indeed,“ Premo replied.
This machine is so old that it uses disk drives. I asked Premo how he still get disks for his MPC. He told me that he goes to eBay and buys a lot of blank disks. I was blown away. He even took the time out to show me a case with some of his old disks in it. There were disks in there from Nas's first album, Biggie's first album and even the Gang Starr's first album.
It was time for Premo to start getting busy making some new music. It was great to catch up and learn a piece of music history. Watching Premo work is a treat in itself. Till next time this was a great Off The Wall moment

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