Thursday, December 29, 2011

Via SNAV: Pusha T at Gramercy

I went to Gramercy Theater to see Pusha T show there was a lot of other guests on the bill. This was a great concert treat for the holiday season. Pusha just dropped his Fear of God Part II mixtape. This was his first concert in New York to promote the new project. The crowd was filling up fast.
I ran into the sexy DJ Jasmine Solano backstage getting ready. She was sending a few more tweets out before she hit the stage. The crowd was quiet at first then Jasmine went out there and started the party. It’s great to see a female control the crowd.
The first artist to hit the stage was Mr. Black Chukka aka Gilbere Forte from Flint. You might have read about him in an interview I did on him not too long ago. This kid is definitely on his grind.
Up next was another new kid on the block. He goes by the name of Emilio Rojas. He hails from upstate New York, Rochester to be exact. Emilo has been making some great moves in the music industry. He just dropped a track with Philly Freeway called “High Level” so be on the look out for that. I got a chance to catch up with Emilio when he got finish his show and laced him with some OTWs.
While I was backstage making my rounds I ran into Ninjasonik. I tell you when you give out a pair of shoes it turns into a problem. HAHAH. I had to dig into my knapsack and lace the Ninja before he went on stage. He was mad excited about the shoes. I guess I was the Hip Hop Santa that night.
It was time for the performance of the night the man everybody came to see. I think Pusha T is one of the most slept on artist in the game. I had a chance to kick it with him backstage before he went on. Seeing him perform the classic was great.
Make sure you go out a pick up that Fear of GOD II because it’s off the wall. Peace

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