Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Via SNAV: Sneaker Pimps New York

The Sneaker Pimps 2011 Tour wrapped up this weekend in New York. I was lucky enough to catch the LA kick-off in September and my East Coast counterpart, SNAV, was in the house for the NYC finale on Friday. Peep his recap after the jump!
I had a chance to go to Sneaker Pimps this weekend. I tell you the sneaker culture is still alive. The spot was definitely crowded. You saw all type of sneakers in the place. My man Dave Jeff from Chi-Town was the host and co-hosting was my young G Corey Townes from Philly.
There were some cool booths at the event. They had a basketball booth where people were shooting baskets to win sneakers. I even saw this booth where they had some of the illest custom Vans I’ve ever seen.
Stash was in the building doing a custom piece for sneaker pimps. The event was definitely pimpin’.

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