Monday, November 7, 2011

Via SNAV: Shopping in Hell's Kitchen

As the saying goes, "another man's trash is another man's treasure". This is especially true in the flea market scene where you can find lots of rare goods on a budget. SNAV dropped by Manhattan, the neighborhood they call Hell's Kitchen to be specific, to go treasure hunting at the street market. Check out what he found after the jump!
There are a lot of cool places to shop in NY but one place I find a lot of things is in street flea markets. I had a chance to head down to the Hell's Kitchen, part of New York, to look for some cool pieces for the office. At the front of the fair was the mascot of Hell's Kitchen.
When shopping at one of these you have to take your time. It's so much here and you could miss a key piece. You could find the best of the best or you could find something that might kill you.LOL
I always thought it was crazy how these big street markets would be right in the thick of the city. People come from all around to set up their areas and also to shop. I am always looking for cool things to hang up in the office. I found a cool stand that sold old vintage comic book characters on tin pieces of metal. I found 2 of my favorite characters. Iron man and Green Lantern. I think im going to give the Green Lantern one to DJ Green Lantern
I am always looking for things from different cultures also. I found some OG skateboards. I actually found my first skateboard. The company that made the  board was named NASH. Talk about a throwback. All my skate OG heads are going to be like wow. I had to get one of these just for the memories. Well stay tuned to see how I use some of these cool things in the office .

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