Friday, November 18, 2011

Photo Recap: Dethkills 1000 Words

Art collective "Dethkills" had their invite only photo exhibition opening in Venice a few nights ago. "1000 words" featuring Atiba Jefferson, Ian Campbell, Curtis Buchanan, Jeff Potocar, Rick Rodney, Victor Saldana and more. Dethkills put their special touch by remixing the original photos and making them into illustrations. Our peeps "The Blackouts" provided the sounds for the opening event with help by Tino Razo and Benny. Check out a few photos from the opening night.

Tyler by Atiba Jefferson

Dill by Curtis Buchanan

Ako and Tino were playing death metal all night

Benny by Jeff Potocar

Javier Nunez, Osamu, Jeff Potocar

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