Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photo Recap: Erik Brunetti's FUCT 20th Anniversary Exhibition

LA's premier boutique UNION held an opening for 20th anniversary of FUCT art exhibition this past weekend. FUCT's legacy and impact on the street wear culture is nothing short of amazing. Erik Brunetti's art and original graphics partially influenced such heads as Nigo to create Bape using "Planet Of The Apes" themes, Fuct's early graphics pioneered ideas of paying homages to pop culture, create really clever ads, work collaboratively with a slew of artists which stands true even in today's standards. Over the past 20 years FUCT worked with Mr. Cartoon, Wes Lang, Alexis Ross, Pushead, Shawn Mortensen and many more. Check out the opening recap after the jump.


One of the first Apes graphics

Emmelie Brunetti with Shazzula

Ian Astbury and Erik Brunetti
Alexis Ross


Tom Cooke, Ako, Carmello the Dogg and Benny

Luke, JP with fam, Berto, Chris Gibbs

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