Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mister Cartoon and LIVESTRONG HQ

Vans OTW Advocate Mister Cartoon brought his Southern California style to Texas this past weekend for LIVESTRONG. Cartoon donated his services to Lance Armstrong's foundation and created this wall piece at their Austin headquarters. The LIVESTRONG HQ is located in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood and the mural was designed to better connect the community with the foundation with its cultural imagery.
Mister Cartoon broke down his inspiration for his newest wall piece:
"The images reflect the struggle of man’s survival, dreams, hopes and ambitions. The car represents sport and is a dream car for the community, the rose represents rebirth and challenge, the woman clown represents the good times and the bad times, the genie lamp is a symbol of the community’s dreams and hope and the smile now cry later skulls represent smile in the face of adversity."
Aside from painting the mural, Cartoon managed to design LIVESTRONG's 2011 Commemorative Ride for the Roses poster and made time to talk to the local youth. The LA-based artist met Austin's East Side Memorial High School students and inspired them with his personal story of how art kept him on the right path and how it takes hard work, not just talent, to make it in life. You tell 'em Toons!

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