Monday, October 10, 2011

Mark O'Brien's Beer Crate Shoes

It's Monday. Let me check again...yep it's Monday. The work week has just begun and the weekend will not be back until 5pm Friday evening. Four whole days! Good luck getting through this one. Your only remnants of the past weekend are an empty wallet and a grip of empty beverage packages. What's a guy to do with all of those empty crates? Illustrator and craftsman Mark O'Brien had a unique idea for his boxes: he made shoes out of them!
O'Brien has an affinity for the heavy-duty paper and specializes in cardboard creations. Check out more of his work at his Blogspot page.
These custom kicks resemble the OTW Pritchard and look pretty fresh. Unfortunately, due to their fragile materials they are not wearable. Sorry sneakerheads!

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