Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cop this Book: "Bay Area Graffiti '80s-'90s: Early Bombing" by Sfaustina & Jocelyn Superstar

With over 40 years of graffiti experience between them, veteran artists Sfaustina and Jocelyn Superstar teamed up to create this A-Z index of the most prolific San Francisco Bay Area bombers of the '80s and '90s. The 208-page hardcover book features interviews and photographs with some of NorCal's finest graffiti writers including Bigfoot, Buter, Ceaver, Cycle, Cuba, Eskimo/Moz, Fate/Venem, Geso, Giant,  Juice, Kept/Red, Kr, Log, Mize, Mes, Mq, Mr. Left, Pesk/Fword, Pez, Puzl, Renos, Safari, Skert, Spie, Teacher/Gift, UB40, Veks, Vegan, Ver and Wart. Get acopy of "Bay Area Graffiti '80s-'90s: Early Bombing" here and get a preview of the book after the jump.

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