Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Via SNAV: OTW 2 Da Max

SNAV checks in from the East Coast once again. This time he caught up with DJ Max Glazer of the Federation Sound collective. Peep his entire update after the jump!
The other night, I got a chance to hook up with my dude Max Glazer. If you don’t know who Max is he is one of the world’s top reggae DJs and not only that, he is Rihanna’s DJ as well. We had a chance to kick it at his sound check as he warmed up for the night.

 Max spins at this spot called Happy Ending every Thursday night in Chinatown. It’s a cool out spot that you can go to and chill and hear some good music.  Look it up next time you’re in New York.

Well it was good to catch up with Max and you know before I rolled I had to bless him with these brown leather Bedfords. Next time you see max spinning hopefully he will be in the mix with his OTWs on.

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