Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Supermen - An Exhibition of Heroes" at Eleven Fine Art

Ben Turnbull created this series of collages as a tribute to the real life heroes, the firemen and policemen, that put their lives on the line for civilians each and everyday. Turnbull creates the images using vintage comic book heroes (Captain America, Spider-man, Batman, Hulk and others) and incorporates a sense of patriotism with his usage of reds, whites and blues in each piece. Turnbull uses the likenesses of fictional heroes to create his portraits of servicemen to imply that real superheroes are hidden amongst us. He adds, "Superman didn’t fly down to save the falling buildings, there was no Caped Crusader ready to do battle with the arch-enemy and Spidey didn’t spin his web. Without the need of a phone-booth or a revolving door, these true patriots donned their iconic costumes and sacrificed life and limb for what they believed in." Turnbull's real life hero collages are part of the "Supermen - An Exhibition of Heroes" show taking place at the Eleven Fine Art gallery in London from now to October 22. Get a preview of the show after the jump!

Source: My Modern Metropolis

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