Wednesday, September 28, 2011

David LaChapelle "Negative Currency" and "Recollections in America" Exhibition at Prism Gallery

Renowned photographer David LaChapelle is showing two series of works, "Negative Currency" and "Recollections in America" which opened last night at LA's Prism Gallery. In the series "Negative Currency", LaChapelle revives a developing process with which he had previously experimented in 1990. Using the enlarger in a darkroom, LaChapelle used dollar bills in the place of a negative, resulting in a pink print that simultaneously revealed both sides of the currency. "Recollections in America"series is created by manipulating old photographs from 1970's by placing objects such as alcohol, drugs, guns etc. that don't belong in the original photos resulting in "neo-collage". Check out the images after the jump.

peep a hand grenade and a pistol in the right corner

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