Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cop this Book: "Keep Laughing" by Devon Blood

At the age of 26, Devon Blood's livelihood depended on having full control of his body - his coordination and skilled movements had lead him to success as a skateboarder, artist and tattooer. In 2006, Blood became the victim of a gunshot wound to the head that nearly cost him his life. As a result of the trauma, he lost precise muscle control of his right side of his body. The right-handed tattooer realized he would no longer be able to skate or bike again, but was committed to his art. "Keep Laughing" tells Blood's story of overcoming the odds as he trained himself to paint, draw and tattoo with his left hand how he once used his right. His words are accompanied by personal photography documenting his life and recovery, as well as his own artwork before, during and after his rehabilitation. "Keep Laughing" is definitely an inspiring story for artists and dreamers everywhere. Get a copy of Bloods' "Keep Laughing" here and get a closer look at the book after the jump!

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