Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The W3FI exhibit makes a statement about human interaction in today's world of online and offline socializing. Get additional information about the exhibition after the jump.

Words via W3FI: Every day we find more and more of our lives integrated in the digital world, no longer able to lead separate lives, one virtual and one real. This means that we have to take control of and responsibility for how others see and relate to us in the digital world. We are proposing a new philosophy, a new strategy for our online interactions. It is called "W3FI," a combination of WiFi, the word "we" and the slang use of the number 3 in place of the letter "e" to reference the digital parts of our lives. Currently people already consider WiFi to be a sort of invisible shared connection that is all around us and shifting it to "We" indicates a new awareness of how interconnected we really are online. The W3FI project is much more than an awareness campaign, it is a movement in social activism to ask a new set of questions for each of us every time we click, text, or share a photo.
Borrowing from a Buddhist path to enlightenment, the project will take the participants through a journey of understanding starting with consideration of how their digital self (we are using the term "S3LF") impacts their everyday lives. Next they see how connected all S3LFs are and therefore how every action affects the S3LF of others; how their S3LF is a part of the W3. The final step is to decide to move from being a passive part of the W3 to being part of the W3FI, the collective of S3LFs who lift up each other by interacting positively, with encouragement, help, sharing, and understanding. In this way we address issues ranging from cyber-bullying to open-source knowledge.
W3FI will exist in real and digital spaces, educating and linking people; online it will be represented by websites, pages and identities in the various social networking realms. Offline we will have a traveling exhibition, where engaged learning allows for introspection about the participant's personal and global roles. Data and social networking information about the region to link the local to the global; tweets, statistics, and past visitor information will all create ever-changing landscapes of image and text on walls.

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Blogger digitalColeman said...

Duran, thanks for the props on our show! We are taking the show on world tour and are looking for more venues and partners. Let us know....

August 15, 2011 at 12:00 AM  

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