Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scratching at Acrylick

Last night I dropped by the Acrylick x Odyssey Summer Scratch Session at the Acrylick shop in Azusa. These sessions are always on point with locals rolling through to show off their skills and usually a few big names in the spin industry make an appearance as well. This sesh was no exception! World famous DJs Cheapshot (Styles of Beyond, Get Busy Committee, Fort Minor) and Icy Ice (The Beat Junkies) came by to see the locals do their thing.
This is one the inspirational signs that hangs in the Acrylick shop on a regular basis, "love what you do and do what you love". Word.
Rules of the scratch: 16 bars each, no cuing without headphones but anyone willing to jump in the mix was welcome to. If you kept your drinking inside the store (and in moderation) and bladder under control you were covered.
It was a packed house, which is surprising for a Wednesday night. Some made the trek from different counties, one onlooker told me he drove 50 miles to witness this event.
While all of the action was going on inside, DJ Buddy (right) caught up with DJ Cheapshot for a video interview. Cheapshot aka Colton Fisher is a fixture in the music community and has worked with artists of all genres from The Beastie Boys and Linkin Park to Nappy Roots and New Kids On The Block.
Buddy had time to sit down with Icy Ice as well. Icy is an original member of the World Famous Beat Junkies since 1992 and has traveled the world since then doing what he loves.
And before you knew it, it was time for a scratch battle. Trek Life hosted the whole night and called everyone in for a head-to-head competition. DJ Moded (in blue) and DJ Kram (striped hat) squared off on the 1s and 2s.
The competition was judge by Cheapshot, Red Bull Thre3style Los Angeles Champ DJ Dynamix and LA radio mixer from Power 106 DJ Ingwell. After cracking a few jokes, Cheapshot and the rest of the judges decided that Kram was the better scratcher for the night.
After the battle, the Handroidz put on a show for the crowd. These DJ brothers killed it and rightfully so, they've been at it since '92.
Giveaways marked the end of the night. Raffle tickets were sold at $2 a pop, Acrylick raffled off some of their apparel and some useful DJ gear as well. We got in the mix as well and gave away two pairs of shoes. Proceeds from the night are headed toward Camp Spin-Off's way so that they can continue to provide young DJs with music education. Sergio (left) and Donpaco (right) were the lucky recipients of new footwear from the Vans OTW Collection. 
Even after the last "official" segment of the night, the DJs returned to business as usual and kept scratching until the Odyssey representative came by and broke the sets down.
I spotted this one on the way out, Vans brake shoes! Very OG, from the days when our footwear was made in the USA. Thanks to Acrylick and Odyssey for putting on such a great event and letting us be a part of it!

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