Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wes Lang's "Sittin' on a Rainbow" at Chateau Marmont

Good people from OH WOW gallery held a one night only opening event for Wes Lang's "Sittin' on a Rainbow" at Hollywood's landmark hotel Chateau Marmont. The festivities took place at one of the hotel's rooftop suites with Lang's artwork displayed around the room. Wes Lang spent a month in residence at room 34 creating pieces documenting his experience there. Inspired by the history, virtue, and ambiance of the Chateau, and as a tribute to Martin Kippenberger’s “Hotel Drawings,” Lang created a suite of over 30 delicately involved works, each with the Chateau Marmont‘s classic logo visible, and some including small printed text, compliments of the Hotel: “In Residence: Mr. Wes Lang.” More images after the jump

Wes Lang (right)

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