Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Via SNAV: OTW on Board Part II with Peedi Peedi

SNAV checks in from Philadelphia and gives us an update. This time he got to chill with rapper Peedi Peedi during a recording session. Check out his update after the jump!
On a clear night in Philadelphia I got a chance to go to the studio with Peedi Peedi aka Peedi Crakk. Peedi is a former Roc-a-Fella Records artist and is a part of The Roots Family. Peddi was working on a record that was produced by the Grind Music which features Black Thought from The Roots, STS and Gilbere Forte.
In a time where a lot of MCs don’t write their rhymes anymore it was great to see one get busy with the pen and pad.

I wish I could put this song in this post but that can’t happen. To see Peedi in action is incredible plus having to rhyme after Black Thought is a challenge in itself.
 At the end of the night the song came out to be a banger. Of course we could not leave without lacing Peedi with the blue OTW Alomar. Of course SNAV and OTW are always in the mix.

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