Monday, June 20, 2011

Via SNAV: OTW Matters

SNAV got the chance to attend the recent BET's "Music Matters" showcase. DJ Premier, Mateo, Allen Stone and Phil Ade were in the house for the show. Check out all of SNAV's update after the jump!
I had a chance to go out to a live showcase that was presented by BET called the “Music Matters” showcase. This is where you get to see fresh new talent raw and uncut. The DJ was playing the beats while the crowd was starting to pour in.
The line up for the night was first a solo singer who goes by the name of Mateo. He definitely had a great a voice and it was good to see him play and sing at the same time true talent. Then up next from the DMV area was Phil Ade. He brought his band to back him up which really brought his sound out. Phil‘s band complemented his music. Last but not least hailing from Seattle was something just incredible Mr. Allen Stone, please Google this guy. He is one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard.
After all the performances, there was a special part of the show which was called “Beats to the Rhyme”. Where a music producer got a chance to play a beat he made for an artist and then the artist performs the track. The producer was the legendary DJ PREMIER from GANG STARR. The MC was Joel Ortiz, it was a treat to see Premiere on the tables. We got a chance to catch up and kick after the show and got a chance to lace him with these black OTW Bedfords. I guess his new name is Prem OTW instead of Prem O. SNAV signing off…

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