Monday, June 27, 2011

Dimitri Coste at Pikes Peak

OTW Advocate Dimitri Coste has been revving up in Colorado Springs getting ready and amped for his race at Pikes Peak. I got this energetic email packed with photos this morning from OTW's Frenchman himself. Check out Dimitri's complete update after the jump! Go go go!
Everything is alright here in Colorado Springs for Pikes Peak.
practice is over and went good. i officially have the less powerful bike on the race,
but fuck it ! One Size Fits All.
All of the competitors have ultra modified motorcycles with lots of HPs.
I ride a stock engine 1967 Triumph. Well I've worked on tuning the carb and did many tests until I gained a little more power.
The top section is made of amazing large fast curves. I might go up to 85 mph on those curbs while the Ducati boys hit 140 mph!
The race is beautiful, when you ride you totally forget about the cliffs, and the track is so good.
Check a few photos from the practice, and enjoy Born Free, I wish i was there too.
Enjoy guys!

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