Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Via SNAV: Jordan of the Art World

SNAV got a chance to hang out with Rocksmith designer/artist Eric Jordan. During their chill session, Eric created some OTW-inspired art. Take a look at SNAV's update after the jump!
Fresh off of his Karmaloop interview, I got a chance to hook up with ERIC JORDAN, the Michael Jordan of the art world. Maybe you don’t know who Eric Jordan is, well let me introduce you ERIC is from Philadelphia and is one of the most talented artists that I have ever met.
Eric has had his work in numerous magazines and from YRB, 215 Magazine to VIBE. I got a chance to kick it with Eric and while we were chilling, he started doodling.
While he was sketching out an idea that popped into his head I got a chance to get some wallpapers for my CPU check out this WU joint and this Obama pic, true talent.
It was great to kick it with Eric and talk about art, music and culture. I also got him some art for his feet, the OTW Larkin Decon. Be on the look out for Eric Jordan doing some ill artwork in his OTWs. 

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