Monday, May 9, 2011

Via APAC (Asia Pacific): Strawberry Music Festival & Midi Festival

Jenn Kong holds it down for the OTW team in the Asia Pacific region. Kong was able to attend two of Beijing's biggest music fests recently - the Strawberry Music Festival and the Midi Festival. Check out her update after the jump.

Strawberry Music Festival is part of the Modern Sky Music Festivals umbrella. They just call it Strawberry Festival in May as it is the time when strawberries are in season. 
This festival was closer to the city and a bit like Coachella where peeps were into the music, but they also use it as an excuse to get dressed up and it is a fashionable / trendy thing to do. There were 5 stages at this one:
- Strawberry Stage ( Main stage)
- Love Stage ( Indie)
- Overdrive ( Metal and Punk)
- Electronic
- Taiwan ( Bands from Taiwan as they were trying to make this scene bigger with Greater China - Greater China is HK, Taiwan, China)
- School of Rock ( giving an opportunity for local college bands to be seen)
Midi Festival is the OG - it is China's oldest and biggest music festival and has been around for 11 years. The scene here is less fashiony and more all about punk, rock, and indie/ vintage/ rockabilly look. I went to the BJ one, they also had one in SH over the weekend too. They had 3 stages at this festival named after the different Dynasties from China.

So, getting to the OTW part I saw a pair of insanely loved and worn in OTW Bedfords. Here is a close up and then some other pics of what the festival was like and some fashion from the music festival. The band Left Right was wearing Vans- check out his Old Skools.

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