Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is the Collector: Ryan A. aka Ryanskeet

Everyone say hello to Ryan A. aka Ryanskeet. Aside from having a sick collection of limited edition special projects and collaborations, Ryan also has some sick photography skills. This 21-year-old collector got creative with his sneaker shots, take a look at his photos and his profile after the jump.
Name/age/location/shoe size:
Ryan A. aka Ryanskeet/21 years old/LA-626/size 10.0 – 11.0
Freelance graphic designer.
When did you start collecting sneakers?
’04, I was barely a freshman in high school. The Dunk era was moving heavily and going to a private school limited what you could wear so I would get SB's that went with my uniform. After my SB craze I got introduced to the world of Vans and I'm not talking mall Vans either. I was new to the shoe game in general and there was so much to learn. I picked up my first pair which were some patent Marc Jacobs Sk8-Hi's from MINT in Brea,CA. I was more focused/familiar with the brand Marc Jacobs more than the various branches of Vans. After that I just paid more attention to limited Vans because everyone was still all over Nikes & I wanted to be different.
Why did you start collecting sneakers?
I was naïve. It was something new & exciting. I mostly adapted to the fact that there were so many colorways/fabrics/history behind each sneaker that I wanted them all.
Are you a member of any sneaker forums?
ISS, Hypebeast, and OTWS! I’m hardly active on ISS/Hb these days. My username is ryanskeet on all of them.
Do you sell or trade sneakers?
Yes, through forums & social networking sites.
How many sneakers do you currently have?
50+ pairs.
What’s your favorite shop to pick up sneakers?
It isn't really a sneaker shop, but Buffalo Exchange is my spot. I bargain shop & have been fortunate enough to find some great pieces there! (ex:Ballistic Sk8-hi samples) I do occasionally make my way to Blends in Costa Mesa,CA though.
How much do you estimate you’ve invested in your collection?
I would estimate somewhere in the $3,000 - $4,000 range.
How often do you pick up new shoes?
Roughly 2-5 pairs a month.
Do you keep the original shoe boxes?
As much as I can, yes. The only time I don't is if I buy shoes used without a box. I believe that the box is just as important as the shoe. It contains specifics about YOUR shoe, sometimes has unique designs, and you get to see how boxes develop throughout the years.
Do you deadstock any of your pairs?
Yes. I would say a fourth of my shoes are deadstock. I wear my worn shoes on the regular before breaking out a new pair.
Where do you keep your collection?
I just recently bought a shelving unit, but before that I would leave my shoes stacked on my floor.
What’s your favorite color or print on sneakers?
Black, you can never go wrong with black.
What’s your favorite material used on sneakers?
No idea why, but I've always been attracted to snakeskin & gator skin.
What’s your favorite pair of Vans?
1. Half Cab 2. Chukka 3.Old Skools
What’s your biggest pet peeve about sneaker collecting?
You always want more.
When looking to add to your collection, what do you look for in a shoe? What do you avoid? 
Neckface, Taka Hayashi, Supreme, W)Taps, & Syndicates are what I mostly look for. I avoid loud/flashy shoes as much as possible, but don't mind a hint of it somewhere on the shoe.
What’s the hardest part about sneaker collecting?
Trying to limit yourself when your options are limitless.
What’s the best part about sneaker collecting?
Having packages waiting for you once you get home & finally getting that one pair you've been after for however long...
Which footwear trend should die?
Bashing on kids new to the game, we all started somewhere.
Which footwear trend should continue?
I don't have one for this…
What are your other hobbies?
Art and photography.
Describe your sense of style:
I never knew how to answer this, but I just wear what I like, simple and clean nothing too flashy.
What inspires your style?
Everything and anything really. 

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Anonymous trish said...

yayyyy go ryannn!!! :)

May 11, 2011 at 12:20 AM  
Anonymous Josh Frank said...

Oh, shit. I knew you had a lot of Vans, but didn't know you had that many. Swag.

May 11, 2011 at 2:18 PM  

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