Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quick Conversation with HOT 97's DJ Juanyto

DJ Juanyto is an on-air personality with HOT 97 97.1 FM out of New York. Juanyto started his career with 97.1 FM in March 2003 as a promotional assistant and worked his way up the ladder from behind the scenes to the front lines. Currently, he's a part of Funkmaster Flex's 9team and also spins for Jamie Foxx's radio channel on SiriusXM Radio. We had a chance to talk radio, music and style with Juanyto. Check out his mini-interview after the jump.
Tell us about your career in radio so far: 
It's been great, I really love the business.
How is it working with radio legends like Funkmaster Flex and Angie Martinez? 
Working with Titans in the game cannot get better. I always listened to them when I was younger and now I'm working with them is a blast.
Did you always want to work in radio? 
At first I wanted to get into fashion, I went to F.I.T. in '00 and during my time there I really wanted to get into radio.
What’s the hardest part about working in radio? 
Time, your always against the clock, but its fun only if your built for it.
What’s the best part about working in radio? Music and the peers your grow to know during the time your in this business.
Who’s your favorite artist right now?
Vado, the young slime really has Harlem on smash.
What’s your favorite track on the air right now? 
Rick Ross "9 Piece". 
 How does your taste in music inspire your style? 
The tone is very important. Depends how my vibe is and how I'm gonna rock my kicks fitteds, etc. They really go together, keepin' up with the music to me is like keepin up wth my kicks, fitteds etc. 
How does growing up on the East Coast inspire your style? 
Living in NY is my whole style and way of life and my career in radio. I am always going to have that swag with me. 
What do you look for when hunting for new swag and kicks? 
Originality, rare, hard to find kicks and the colorways are important too.
What advice would you give others trying to start a career in radio? 
To be strong, willing to grind and work hard.
Are there any new projects on the horizon for you that we should be on the lookout for? 
Yes, follow the team at also tune in or log on to Also look out for me DJing on Jamie Foxx's Channel The Foxxhole Sirius 106 / XM 149 Wednesday 4pm EST / 1pm PST. You can check out me every issue of Straight Stuntin Magazine interviewing the hottest and upcoming Latina doing their thing in TV, movies, sports, music and more. Follow me on & for info and booking email me at

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