Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This is the Collector: Tom T. aka Samcolt12

This week's collector,Tom T. aka Samcolt12, is a husband, father, construction company manager and member of the Heat Seekers sneakerhead collective out of Texas.  I have never seen so many Vans in one place! I think Tom may have enough pairs to run a store out of his home.  Enjoy his interview and collection pics after the jump while I pick my jaw off of the floor. His shoe game is deep!

Name/age/location/shoe size:
Tom T./older than most/Arlington, TX/size 12 (can rock 11.5 – 13 if it’s the right shoe)
Manager – Construction Company
Are you a member of any sneaker forums?
Hypebeast / ISS / offthewallsite.net / others…  = samcolt12 of course

When did you start collecting sneakers?
 Always, since childhood – started getting back into collecting rather than just crash and burn about 15 – 20 years ago.
Why did you start collecting sneakers? 
My passion.
How many sneakers do you currently have?
About 850 pairs or so for me, over 100 for the kids.
How much do you estimate you’ve invested in your collection?
I don’t know. Market prices are fickle. How about $50 – 100K ?
How often do you pick up new shoes?
A few pairs a week, the most I copped in one day was 23 pairs.
Where do you keep your collection? How do you store your collection? 
Everywhere! Mainly in plastic shoe boxes after wearing them.
Do you deadstock any of your pairs?
Yes, but I intend to wear them all one day. I double up on some so I will have a fresh pair after burning one up.
What’s your favorite color or print on sneakers?
RED! Or bright neon yellow.
What’s your favorite material used on sneakers?
Pony hair.
What’s your favorite pair of Vans?
Hard to say, one of my pony hair models or one of my Taka Hayashis – I would do better with this question if I could pick what are my favorite 50 or 100 Vans.
Do you own any OTW product?
All of the silhouettes I believe, I have lots of OTW, as well as the other lines and several GRs (general releases) too.
What’s your biggest pet peeve about sneaker collecting? 
Prices getting higher for no reason just because of the newer Hypebeasts in the game and limited releases that are unavailable to everyone who wants to rock them.
Which footwear trend should die?
Resellers copping just to make a buck driving prices up.
Which footwear trend should continue?
People rocking what they like and not caring what anyone else thinks.
Describe your sense of style:
 I rock what I like and I don’t care what anyone thinks – I like bright neon colorways . When the aliens pass thru the ozone on their way to landing I want them to see me first!
What inspires your style?
What’s the hardest part about sneaker collecting?
Finding the room for the next pairs I cop…
What’s the best part about sneaker collecting?
Weekends and vacation days – when I get to rock them.
What are your other hobbies?
Guns, cigars, cars, family, fine spirits, music, and the list goes on – just ask my wife!

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Blogger tom said...

thanks friends...

April 12, 2011 at 3:34 PM  
Blogger theothersideofthepillow said...

damn collection goes up the wall.... & off the wall!
any original made in usa? 20 year effort takes us back to '91 so there must be! think i can see a couple on the rack.
as cool as the other side of the pillow!

April 13, 2011 at 12:34 AM  

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